Travel Tips and Advice for Savvy French Travelers

Becoming a travel savvy individual on visiting France is a long-process formed with a mixture of experience and hard work, but thanks to our current advancement in technology, we all get the information ready for every person who wants to become an instant expert for traveling in France.

You can now learn to be an expert traveler when you visit France by reading the top travel tips and advice for savvy French travelers.

Just follow through and take note or bookmark this important information to help you:

Learn the language before you take the trip 

If you feel that you’ll be using English as a universal language to speak with the locals in France, then you might be surprised that not everyone you meet can speak English or is good using the language. So, learn at least the essentials and keep a translator app or book handy with you but the most important is that you’ll get to become acquainted with basic phrases, which is extremely useful in asking directions or simple conversations for ordering at restaurants

Samples are:

  • Thank you translates to Merci
  • You’re welcome translates to De rien
  • Excuse me translates to Excusez-moi

Booking rentals in France in advance through website

Save yourself from the hassle of looking for a perfect place to stay on your arrival at France thru booking with a luxury villas and apartments that can give you the ultimate feel of France on every corner of the home.

Get acquainted with stores and shop hours

  • Stores and shops schedule hours vary and you might need to get proper information to save you from disappointment.
  • Most supermarkets are closed on Sunday although certain patisseries are open on Sunday mornings.
  • An exemption that supermarkets and shops would be open is on Christmas Shopping weekends for tourist seasons.
  • Pharmacies are open 24/7 for any need of medication available.

French manners are important!

You’ll thank me for reminding you for this because this is a life-saver to help you get along with even the most formal occasions held in France.

We want to save you from embarrassment and make sure that you’ll be an savvy french traveller, so learning etiquettes are essential step to make you an expert.

  • Shaking hands is a common form of first greeting.
  • Kiss on cheek is a form of greeting for those colleagues or friends that are close to each other or knows each other well enough.
  • Address strangers in a formal way: madame or mademoiselle
  • Do not eat while walking or grooming oneself in public, this is considered as rude.
  • If invited to a home for dinner, the guest are expected to being a gift.

Know the basic gestures  

  • Be informed that using your pointing finger to point in your head implies that you’re saying : “You’re dumb”
  • Ok sign means serious offense “you’re a jerk”

Above mentioned are offensive and must not be done.

Visit other places than Paris 

A famous must see place might be Paris but you’ll be surprised as to how vast that you’ll need to discover new places in France, try Lyon, a new gourmet destination for your one of a kind gastronomic experience.

  • Strasbourg, located on the border of France and Germany, is famous by its historic city center Grande Île.
  • While Loire Valley can offer you dreamy Chateaux experience of architectural heritage.

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