Top Five Tourist Attraction in Lyon you Must Visit During Your Tips to France

The top picks are in! It was a long list of choices to make for choosing the top five winners for Lyon’s greatest tourist attractions. We consider all places, in Lyon possess the amazing sight-seeing candy to the eyes for people, however only five remains triumphant choice of many that we’ll have for you on this list. Lyon is an active city of gastronomic capital in France today and offers more than with it’s historical medieval roman, renaissance and middle ages sights to astonish it’s inhabitants, Lyonnais and visitors from all over the world. A historical significance made by Auguste and Louis Lumiere inventing the very first cinematographe marks City of Lyon on the popularity map, reigning the name “Birthplace of cinema”, but their title extends to “Capital of Light” or “ Fête des Lumières” held during annually as a light festival in celebration for the Feast of Immaculate Conception. Imagine seated in a black leather chair and you’ll get breath taken by phenomenal sights of Lyon combined with the sophistication of class and elegance of a private Chauffeur Blacklane for your airport transfer to Lyon, your stay and travel becomes memorable without any indications of disparity, with a single touch of a smartphone app, it’s that easy to get a luxury experience in the tap of a button, excellence à son meilleur!! It’s time to reveal our top Five Tourist attractions that you must visit during your Trip in France:

Musée Lumière – Institute Lumiere

Translated as “Light” museum in English, the museum showcase the inventions which contributed to modernity, the first step where Lyon gained spotlights for its roots of cinematography, crediting the famous Lumiere Brothers, the well-known inventors of the device serving as a film projector and printer, the Cinematographe Lumiere. Location: Musee Lumiere 25 rue du Premier – Movie BP 8051 69352 – Lyon Cedex 08 Museum Hours: Opens at 10 am onwards

Fête des Lumières

Celebrated for three nights, a unique Lyonnaise tradition is celebrated annually every December 8th in celebration and tribute for Virgin Mary. A candle is lit- up on each home outside along all the windows, coupled with magical light installations, millions of visitors from all over the world gather and share the majestic experience of a lifetime. Focal points or locations: Basilica de Fourviere and Place des Terreaux Day of Celebration: December 8, done annually

Basilique Notre Dame De Fourviere

Known as the soul of Lyon, Since antiquity, the Basilique Notre Dame De Fourviere is a high place of spiritual and cultural richness of Lyon. The architectural design and construction are drawn from Romanesque and Byzantine since the 19th century. The city of Fourviere is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, thus most of the celebrations from Fete des Lumieres highlights the basilica as a main focal point of the celebration. Location: 8 Place de Fourvière, 69005 Lyon Hours open: 7 am – 7 pm

Bouchons Lyonnais

Bouchon restaurants are located all over the city of Lyon where Lyon has made a name in the worldwide gastronomical must-try and visit places on earth. Each restaurant has their forms and versions of traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. Find an authentic Bouchon restaurant thru their list of Les Authentiques Bouchons Lyonnais certified by L’Association de défense des bouchons lyonnais (The Association for the Preservation of Lyonnais Bouchons). Location: All over lyon Hours open: depends on each restaurant

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

Our last spot on our list would be a perfect shopping district for your taste buds, a melting pot of international bistro of gourmets. The commercial food market sells countless of gourmet legendary twist delights for everyone. It is open until Sundays till 4:30 pm which would surely give you a non-stop culinary indulgence. Address: 102 Cours Lafayette, 69003 Lyon Hours Opens: 7 AM – 10: 30 PM

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